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Allied Emergency Services (fire and rescue): website link
Compost option - Deer Lake Gardens: website link
Division on Addictions: website link
DNR "Wisburn" Current Fire Situation:  website link
Fake Prescription Medication Laced with Deadly Quantities of Fentanyl:  website link
Farm Feral and Stray: website link
Lakes Region EMS: website link   and St Croix Valley EMS:  website link
Osceola Area Ambulance Service: website link
Polk County: website link
School District of Osceola: website link
St Croix Falls School District:  website link
Substance Abuse Professional (USDOT qualified):  website link
Surrounding Communities:
  City of St. Croix Falls: website link
  Town of Alden: website link
  Town of Farmington: website link
  Town of Garfield: website link
  Village of Dresser: website link
  Village of Osceola: website link


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